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Property evaluations

Property evaluations require professionalism, expertise and experience. Starting with the wrong price means missing the sale – if too high – or reducing your profit – if too low. That is why we dedicate time, attention and our most competent professionals to this first phase.

Certificates and compliance

Compliance to the planning regulations, energy efficiency certificates, mortgage checks: these are just some of the steps needed to sell a property. Our customers can be confident that all this aspects will be handled by professionals dealing with them on a daily basis.

Consulting and promotion

This is the central operational part of our work: making your property really attractive and promoting it through the different channels, spotting and targeting the right audience for your home. We have many tools to do this, but above all we have the expertise of our team who have been doing this for over 35 years.

Appointment management

Not only do we schedule the viewings, based on your preferences, needs and comfort, but before showing your home to potential buyers, we also give you some advice on how to make it look at best.

Notarial deed and contract

We carefully select the purchase offers and support you in drawing up the preliminary sale-and-purchase agreement which will serve as a basis for the notarial deed, by checking each document and possibly inserting clauses that can best protect both you and the buyer.

Handover of the property and bureaucratic formalities

We will be by your side until the handover of the property, taking care of all the fiscal, legal and administrative formalities in order to ensure that the whole process for you will be stress-free and smooth and leave you satisfied for the successfully-concluded sale.