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Buying a property in Italy through Gallery Real Estate Agency

Buying a property in Italy through Gallery Real Estate Agency

Are you looking to buy a home in Trieste and don’t know where to start? This quick guide will help you choose your future home with tranquillity and certainty of not encountering any surprises or mistakes. Gallery Real Estate Agency in Trieste can offer you precious help!

Essential steps in order to buy your home:

·       Find the home you like by speaking with a Gallery agent or visiting our website

·       Organise a visit with our agent

·       Make an offer for the property with our agent’s help

·       Owners will accept your offer or propose a counter-offer

·       Preliminary contract

·       Signing of the deed at the notary

Find the home you like with Gallery Real Estate

This can seem commonplace but it is a very hard and personal step. This is why we encourage you to book an appointment with one of our agents (our offices are in Via San Nicolò, 23 a Trieste), so that we can have a better idea of what you are looking for. We will therefore be able to show you the properties you are exactly looking for, even the ones that might not be advertised online!

Organising a visit with our Gallery Agent

Our agent at Gallery Real Estate will meet you at the property you chose and will explain the characteristics of the apartment or villa and the state of the surrounding area. Ask our agent any question to satisfy any doubts you might have.

Making an offer

After having chosen your future home, it is time to make an offer! The purchase proposal is linked to a deposit to demonstrate your serious intention to buy.

It is important to evaluate your upcoming costs at this point. From restructuring costs to taxes (first or second home), agricultural or building land, notary costs, bank costs in case of a mortgage and agency fees. Gallery Real Estate can help you through this step too!

Acceptance of the offer or counter-offer

If the owner accepts your offer, the deposit will be used towards the final sale price and we will proceed with the registration of your offer at the Agenzia delle Entrate. If the owner does not accept your offer and decides to make a counter-offer you can go back to the previous step.

Preliminary Contract

Your Gallery agent will now deliver the necessary documentation to your chosen notary booking an appointment for you.

Signing of the deed

If you have reached this point, congratulations on your purchase!

The notary will write the deed and the change of ownership will be official.


For any info and/or questions don’t hesitate to call (+39 (0)40 7600250), write or chat with us!

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